Born in Miami and raised in Northern Virginia, I reunited with my home state of Florida when I purchased a home on Marco Island in 2009.  I currently own and operate several businesses including Latitude 26 Sailing Adventures which was born from my love of all things on and in the water. 

I’ve been an avid boater and fisherman (fisherwoman) since I was a young child and have many fond memories cruising and fishing Florida waters with my grandfather and other family members.   My grandfather, who was a stonemason, built some of the first homes on Marco Island when it was developed by the Mackle Brothers and Deltona Corporation back in the day.  How’s that for fate?!  My mother remembers roaming the Marco Island beaches as a child so I feel like I’m returning to my family’s roots. 

I’m excited to share the experience of sailing aboard Foxfire with you and your guests!  The goal of myself and my crew is to create an ultimate yachting experience for individuals, families and small groups that is enjoyable, safe, and memorable!


Captain Doug's amazing bio is coming soon.

One of the missions of Latitude 26 is to make dreams come true. This goal is based on my personal philosophy of engaging with others in a way that facilitates their goals and dreams becoming a reality. We may not be able to impact the entire world, but we can change the lives of those within our world.


Everything you ever wanted to know about Laura will be here soon.